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And here we go!

Sitting at my desk working on my very first project for my rapid prototyping class a realisation hit me, I get to wake up every morning and work on video games. Wow! if high school me could see me now!

I suppose and introduction is in order this being my first post. I am Joe Rozek a, currently, 25 yo artist who is insanely excited to be studying at the University of Utah’s EAE masters program. I did my undergrad work at Dixie State University, a university in southern Utah, Yes an odd name of a school in Utah, but hey I don’t judge.

My goals for this blog is to discuss my experience in the program and talk about the design processes we go threw while making games. To be honest, before this program I never made a game before let a lot made any art for one. So this is going to be a fun ride!

But enough words, This is an artists blog after all,  This is the work i have done prior to Join EAE. And with it ill leave you till next time!



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