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Raise Hell and a Glass in Reverence

For week four and our first prototype is done! Its hard to believe that the semester is pretty much 1/4 the way done… this really kinda blows my mind, it feels like last we we were just got our group assignments.  But here it is Starving Artist Game Play.



As you can see this is a prototype still in very alpha stages of game play. We made another video to help illustrate what’s going on in the game a bit more and you can find that here. Be careful its kinda fast. In this video you can see the player lines up 4 green balls to make them burst, as that is the major game play mechanic in the game. In the first video the same thing happens the balls just art animated. With all this talk of who and such I haven’t even introduced the team!

IMG_20130918_192508 (1)

Some damn good looking dev’s

Behold the mighty team for Starving Artist! from left to right Me (handsome right?), PeijunTravis , Owen, and Siddarth. Everyone on the team worked their hardest and helped develop the game into what it is today. In our final meeting as an official team, more work will be done on starving artist in our free time, we decided to cover the good and the bad.

Starving Artist Postmortem
In the pic we put the the good we did on the top and the bad on the bottom. This is a good exercise to see on al time line when things were done and how to improve on them in the future. A few of the larger issues we faced as a team was having no understanding on the platform that we built the game on, MOAI. This offered some early challenges but was overcome by our very awesome engineers. The biggest turning point, and the cause of most of the art redos, was the big box marked Pivot. This event was the point where we changed the game from the over played swapping mechanic to the full on slider one. This brought us to re do the UI as well as a good portion of the code and how it worked. The biggest boon that the team had going for us though was the use of Skype IM services to keep us in contact quickly and effectively.

I love this team and this game. Both awesome! But next week we move forward with a new team and a new game! Be sure to check back to see what’s going to be coming up in the future as well as a starting to design a weapon step by step! Till next time.



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  • Tina on

    Huzzah! You did it! I’m glad to see that you guys will continue to work together on this – I hope that goes well.

    Good luck!

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