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And were back!

Wow that break went by fast! While I wasn’t as productive as i wanted to be the rest and time i got to spend actually playing games was wonderful! So my goal with this update is to let you know what is going on in school as well as some really exciting things at work!

In School we are hard at work working on working on our thesis games. While we are in big groups hammering ideas out right now they are not fixed teams, so when those become more final I’ll cover the team members a bit more. But the process of making ideas came to all the teams to make 100 game ideas than boil those down to around 5 ideas. After the 5 were picked the teams had 48 hours to turn those ideas into a packet of information along with a 2 min pitch on each game. This was a lot of work for a lot of people. Most pitches left a lot to be desired, in terms of pitches and some on game ideas, but over all some decent information came out. On my team we talked about the game ideas than artists worked together to put the mood boards together. In the process of making the games idea more fleshed on in the two days a lot of things changed for the game ideas, this affected how the mood boards were used, sometimes making them completely irrelevant to the game that was being pitched. If i were to repeat this process in the future i would work harder to not to break the work up the way we did so artists get a more a say in a games aesthetical presentation and can work with the team on the design as well. After presentations everyone voted on the ideas we liked and didn’t like. We are now awaiting a report from the teachers on the information on the games they chose. So more on that when its complete.

On the work side of things! I was very happy to be picked up to work on a new project again! Instead of working in the Game Forge lab like last time, this time departments are coming together to form The Gapp Lab, a lab dedicated to therapeutic games and applications. Were building the studio from the ground up, even having lab space up on north campus. Were working on some very exciting and interesting applications! But again more on that when my style guides get approved.

So that’s the exciting things going on now. I’m super excited to keep pushing forward with my work and keep improving. Only can go up and on! Till next time!

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