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GDC Fun!

Each day that i stay on my current career path, the more new experiences I have that I had no idea were going to happen. GDC is pretty much one of those. For those who don’t know GDC is the Game Developers Conference. This is a massive industry wide conference that is held every year in San Francisco, and its pretty damn cool!1381566_10203359569052418_1832041822_n

The fun actually didn’t start just at the conference though. I get there I decided to take a train! This was a first for me, and i was honestly insanely to excited for the ride. But this specific train was very special! This train was the ┬áhome of the annual Indie Train Jam! Again for those who don’t know, an indie game jam is where game devs get together to make a game in normally about 48 hours, so the train jam is that… But on a train! Was super freaking cool, i didn’t even know this was a thing! The devs face a few challenges on a train that they normally won’t have in a normal game jam, there are very large amounts of time where they don’t have access to the internet! So there resources are limited to what they have with them and each other. I got to meet some pretty cool people and play a lot of great games. The rest of the people on the train really enjoyed it too, after the games were done they had everyone come to the observation car and play the game, despite the smell of game devs being camped out in there for two days, its was a really fun time!


San Francisco itself is amazing! i went everywhere and did so many things! But the stories of those adventures are better left for a more social medium, be sure to follow me on twitter or Facebook and feel free to ask about them, all i will say is OMG ALCATRAZ!

Once GDC start it was a whirlwind of people running about and networking with everything that moved! there were two different pavilions that made up the floor. The floor i spent most my time was on the job pavilion. This area was set up for companies to set up booths who are looking to hire people and collect a million biz cards and resumes, presumably to build an igloo made of peoples hopes and dreams. I had my my best contacts from the companies who made slot machines! Not a place i would normally see myself going, but super exciting for the prospect! The other other pavilion had companies set up showing off their new tech and school trying to recruit. Here is where it’s really hard not to lose your geek mind and fan boy out over everything that you see. What got me the most excited was the NDO booth, NDO is a texturing software with Photoshop plug ins that makes some complicated texturing amazingly simple and great to look at.


Another cool thing we found was nintendo now has a application that takes your HTML 5 and JAVA games and makes them publishable on the Wii U. This is really cool cause me and Skip Flower really wanted to push the Chicken Crush game we made forward and we think this would be a really fun platform for it!


Over all i got to see who people in this industry mingle and network together. I went in knowing my personal portfolio needed some love already, that’s what this summer is for, but its good to see that my expectations are right one track. Next Time we will go over what’s going on with that elusive thesis game that i have been working on!

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