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block out the sun!

So an important part of making a 3d scene is blocking it out so you understand it, shocking how much thinking goes into this right? But this is for the scene from Ready, set, 1! This is a quick block out from unreal that Im getting together to press into more defined assests.


In this first pass i laid out the scene the way i though it would fit together. But ran into a few issues on my first pass. The first wall on left is to close when the walls stepped back it helps give the scene a bit more shape and form to it.


It also gives a small peak around the corner. The next part of this will be to start getting a few basic assests made in and tested int eh scene!

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Ready, Set, 2!

Hey its like we just did this! and we did! back here!

So this semester i have a TA job! Its great, but there is one day a week i spend 5 hours down in another lab away from my version of maya, this is a bigger pain atm then one would think ha ha, and my files. So i decided to make another scene to work on while I’m down there! aka the “south lab project”. But Joe, cant you just move files around on the internet? you know like you do every day? Yes i can but, shh. The real response to this is i know ill break it, and another possible portfolio piece is more then welcome! The challenge I’m giving my self with this piece is to get a portfolio piece, but only working on it those 5 hours a week in the lab. So i picked a smaller project but that packed a visual punch!

98382addb41ec1d940bd3bf23f0ab474bcee6dad Above image was done by Melissa Pierre-Louis. I love this picture is uses a very diverse color palette as well as a simple design that comes to fill a space in a brilliant way. Lets look at the environment break down!


As you look over the scene you can see a lot of the geo is just simple walls or repeated.this makes the big part of this project really more on the textures rather than the geometry. With this in mind I’m going to approach this in a texture style close to that of World or Warcraft.



The props and hero items here are also have pretty simple geo, and heavy on the textures once again. A lot of the smaller props like the red statue and the ones all along the back have forms that are much more human feeling will need to be careful to get these while keeping the poly count in control. For this scene i really feel like the floor itself needs to be looked at itself.


This floor is… complicated to say the least. The trick here is to get the light blue lines in while keeping the poly count low and in control this will be a trick one indeed, and will be covered in another blog!

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Ready, Set, 1!

With the new school year, means new art projects! I really starting to focuses on developing my portfolio with prop and environmental art! To show off the assets the best I’m going to throw them into a whole scene. For my readers not to into with this whole 3d/art thing, its really cool to show off an object that you made . But its like 10 times cooler to throw it in a scene, like if there was a lamp post, okay that’s neat, but its super cool when you throw that on a street with a bunch of other things that fit scene. With full admission i have to make one of these for a class this semester, woo killing two birds with one massive stone!


Say hello to Mr Mountain… google DBZA. its amazing!


To make a amazing scene i need some amazing refs, i would like to say not because i couldn’t do it myself but concept artists are the most amazingly talented people in the world! Small rant aside lets look at the scene!


This stunning piece of art was done by Jack Eaves.  I picked this scene due to the stunning work and tiny details the artist captured. the lighting and the feel of the area is very strong and would look amazing in a game! But lets break down the scene. First lets look at the environmental bits.


Here I colored over the scene showing all the different bits, modular or otherwise. This gives me a pretty clear idea of what is where and how to best use modular bits as well as when an item is unique. This scene has 6 major unique bits; from left to right, the yellow section in the cafe, the red store front to the back, the green arched walkway, the teal store front, the purple store front, and the slight darker teal arched doorway. The rest of this is very modular. Next the props!


As i started picking out each bit of this scene the biggest thing i noticed was, there are a ton of different tables in this!!! okay its only 3, but this is why you do this. to notice that makes this scene, this scene. here you can see a handful of different props to be made, mostly chairs and tables.

Coming up next another little scene that i’ll be working on. And progress of this scene!

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Fated Return


Woo! what a summer! got two whole different games pushed out! (going to do a full blog on each one  one the final game gets installed with our clients.) Weird to be back in the lab but feels good to keep doing what we do best. To bring ya back lets go over what has changed over the summer.


its a magic card called “Fated Return” …. Shut up its funny to some people.


Over the summer the team worked on iterating on a few different ideas to bring to the game. We tested a few different things, iterated on things, and came up with a newer version of our game.The biggest change to the game is that instead of spamming out lots of versions of your self that would run to their deaths and explode, now you had two little “drones” that you shoot in the direction your character is facing. With this iteration you would run threw the level shooting these to try and find places that you would die while running from a creeping wall of death that if it caught you would kill you, hence the wall of death. This iteration of the game ran into some issues though.


When we has a guest speaker from ubisoft come to the school he got to play the game and had some rough feed back on the game. so as of now we are still working on trying to figure out how to make the game flow and be fun while keeping the overall idea of our thesis intact. The current idea on the table is having a sphere expand out from the player showing what would kill them. So very much like a Mage in World of Warcraft trying to find a stealthed rogue. Future testing will help us understand if this is fun or now.
Now what i did over the summer was to help prep the art style for the game. This went over very well with the group, but once we got started the Art lead made the correct call saying that it was too complicated for the time we have available before the IGF submission that we have to hit. So we redefined the style bringing it down to a more calm level, but this was found to be a too literal interpretation for what the lead wants the art to accomplish. Now we are waiting on another style from the lead, so stay tuned for updates on what you can expect art to look like for this game!


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