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The future of my portfolio and page

I have so many different things that I’m doing all at once that they are taking a little longer then if i were doign one at a time so this is a good opportunity to just go over that.

First up Things for my portfolio! Atm I’m working on two projects to go into my portfolio. First up is a redo of the just sword Tetanus. I did this last year and its in need of some love. It ended up at 4976 tris, after my re do its down to 2700 and dosn’t look any different. that’s a massive step down. I just  finished up with the remodel and re UVing it and am working on texturing it. But here’s a preview with no skins or any of the maps I’ve preped.



Next up is my environment project! This has been coming along and after the IGF submission its going to get my full attention. ATM most the base models for the environment are done, one or two more to go. After I uv them im goign to make high polly meshes for each one, bake them out and texture them up before i move on to the props. But heres where its at atm.



I also have one more indoor environment planned for winter break! So keep an eye out for that when these two are done.


Now for the site. I just got done tweaking my portfolio, but im working on adding aother tab at the top that will cover all the shader work i have done! Im excited to get this all done just collecting videos files and the such to make it really show off! Till next time!

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Joe Street

Just a quick update to my scene I’m currently working on. I’ve been building out alot of the really basic geo that’s going into the scene, have a few height issues with the bottom layer, but easy fix! Update ya again soon!



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