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A new face for a new path.

Well not a new path but i like the drama of the statement. If you follow my carrier or my blog at all you know that one big things that i have been working on for a long time have been working on shaders, tools, and other such fun things. And its something that i really do enjoy so I’ve decided that going to start focusing on being a Technical Artist rather than an Environment Artist. The change really isn’t that big of a thing, other than changing what i do for my side projects and in my free time. I already did this roll for a little over ¬†year, between work projects and my thesis team being a tech artist is something that I’ve already grown quite accustomed to, and love.


Nothing like a good regeneration metaphor to make ya smile

With that being said, the blog has changed. And so will the posts. These will now more focus on the technical side of what i do. Breaking down shaders and tools talking about how each effect was done. Will be getting these up in the next week or so, preparing for GDC and applying for jobs! so check back soon, they’re going to be some pretty cool things!

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