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The pulse effect is a clever reuse of the code from the Texture blending and from Dissolve that is also documented on here. The difference here is that its used to make a emissive map with part of the code from the Dissolve effect, that once again, is also documented here. So lets take a look.



Like in texture blending were passing the position of our player to be compared against the world position, as well as dividing it so we can control the radius. The radius is going to control how far the  pulse will go. We passed this value together with a blending so that way played could see the relieved area a little better.



Now you need to animate the graident that comes out of the division. We do this threw subtracting it from a fraced time, frac just allows a repeat. I included a multiply node with the time just for future tuning. Now is when we pull the Dissolve trick out of our hat. Were fist going to make a section that ramps up our whites, killing the gradient and making he animation pure white and black. Then lerp that together as B with the softer gradient from the subtraction as Alpha and a 0 value. This gives us the very fine and feint edge for the effect. Ceiling that will make all non black information jump up to 1, making it white. And there’s your emissive mask.

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